As an organisation, the CSUG fully adheres to the values promoted by the Université Grenoble Alpes:
  • Scientific excellence
  • Dynamic ecosystem and knowledge transfer
  • Source of innovation
  • Involvement in and commitment to socio-economics and culture
Accordingly, the CSUG strives to get researchers, students and industrial players involved in the construction of nanosatellites, in an effort to produce them within five years and launch one satellite project per year.
  • Making space more accessible (shorter lead times and lower costs)
  • Helping with the transition between TRLs (Technology Readiness Levels) (up to TRL 6 or 7*)
  • An industrial base in the Grenoble area that is already invested in space
* TRL 6: System/subsystem model or prototyping demonstration in a relevant end-to-end environment
TRL 7: System prototyping demonstration in an operational environment

  • Educating students about space technology (stringency and precision) through concrete projects and familiarising them with industrial constraints
  • Implementing projects in partnership with Grenoble-based and international degree programmes and courses
  • Driving nanosatellites into a strategic position within the space industry through miniaturisation
  • Strengthening Grenoble’s position in the space industry
  • Commercialising the innovation and expertise originating in our laboratories