This workshop focuses on advanced payloads, subsystem designs, their standardization, and supporting technology like data management, data analysis, and artificial intelligence that together make highly ambitious NewSpace missions possible in different fields like: Earth observation, climate studies, space weather, or exobiology.

The final day of the workshop is dedicated to Climate and Earth Observation. The main Friday program is organized together with the French National Space-borne Remote Sensing Program (Programme National de Télédétection Spatiale, PNTS), co-financed by CNES, CNRS INSU, IGN, IRD, and Météo-France.

As such it addresses an audience of students, educators, policy makers, scientists and engineers in the NewSpace domain.


Workshop invited speakers

  • Étienne Balit - Neovision
  • Robin Bouvier - CybELE 
  • Ian Carnelli  -  ESA HQ Paris
  • Cyril Crevoisier - Polytechnique Palaiseau
  • Lester David - Observatory of Paris Meudon  —  Astrophysics (PicSat)
  • Alban Duverdier - French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation
  • Michel Faup -  French National Space Agency CNES
  • Genevieve Fioraso  —  European Space Policy Institute ESPI  — Policy
  • Damien Garot - Jansky Partners
  • Bradley Gibson - NASA JPL*
  • Silvere Gousset - Institute of Planetology and Astrophysics Grenoble
  • Noel Grand  -  LISA, University Paris-Est Créteil & Didero
  • Miguel Hernandez  — University of Valencia  —  AI
  • Vladimir Kalegaev  —  Moscow State University  —  Space Weather
  • Andrew Klesh  -  NASA JPL
  • Vera Pinto Gomes  —  European Commission  —  Policy
  • Jaan Praks - Aalto University
  • Sylvain Ranvier - Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy
  • Eric de Saintignon - Airbus
  • Tariq Sami - NanoAvionics
  • Fuki Taniguchi (Ms.) - Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)