You are a researcher or a laboratory and you want to launch a space project or test a technology in space?
The CSUG is able to assist you in your project and to offer its expertise in space missions based on nanosatellites.

From the design of the space mission (in response to your scientific needs), to the realization and the launch into orbit, taking also into account the regulatory aspects, CSUG will support you throughout the project and give you access to its network of technical, industrial and academic partners as well as to its network of suppliers.

Initially, we can provide you with a system analysis of a mission (equivalent to the specifications) meeting your scientific objectives. This analysis will allow the implementation of a phase 0-A study to test the feasibility of the idea.

CSUG can also support a researcher from the Grenoble Alpes site participating in a consortium for an institutional mission on a CNES, ESA or a large space mission agency (NASA, CNSA, JAXA, ISRO, ...).

Our collaborations

Illustration ThingSat : Bouet de communication dans l'océan ThingSat : the internet of things in wild area

ThingSat aims to demonstrate the reliability of a satellite connectivity solution for objects in remote areas.
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Published on  April 27, 2022
Updated on June 16, 2022