Created in 2015 by Joseph Fourrier University (UJF), CSUG was founded as a Federative Research Structure (SFR) in 2018 by the Grenoble Alpes University (UGA). A SFR brings together laboratories and training components.
This structuring is well suited to the CSUG project which combines Research, Training and relationship with patrons and industrial partners.


In 2022, the research laboratories on which CSUG relies are :
  • GIPSA-Lab : Grenoble Images Parole Automatic Signal Laboratory
  • NEEL : Néel Institute
  • LIPhy : Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Physics
  • LPSC : Laboratory of Subatomic Physics and Cosmology
  • TIMA : Laboratory of Computer Science Microelectronics for Architectures and Integrated Systems
  • VERIMAG : Embedded Systems Laboratory
  • IMEP-LAHC : Institute of Microelectronics Electromagnetism and Photonics and Laboratory of Microwave and Characterization
  • LIG : Grenoble Computer Science Laboratory
  • OSUG : The laboratories and teams of the Observatory of Sciences of the Universe of Grenoble (including IPAG, IGE, ISTerre)
The training components related to the CSUG are:
  • PhITEM : UFR Physics, Engineering, Earth, Environment, Mechanics
  • DLST : Department of Science and Technology Degree
  • Grenoble INP : Institute of Engineering and Management, Grenoble Alpes University
  • IAE : Grenoble Institute of Business Administration
  • IUT 1 : University Institute 1 of Technology of Grenoble
  • OSUG : Observatory of Sciences of the Universe of Grenoble and his team
  • POLYTECH : Polytechnic School of Grenoble Alpes University


The resources of the CSUG are made up of endowments, contributions and means of all kinds, recurrent or exceptional, that the supervising institutions intend to provide, resources made available by the components and laboratories, and own resources linked to the execution of research projects or industrial contracts, to sponsorship, to expertise activities or to participation in conferences.
The endowment from the supervisory bodies can be made up of human resources, financial resources or heritage resources. The amount of resources made available is determined by the COPIL in restricted formation.
The SFR CSUG is financially managed by the UGA. As such, it has its own financial center and is subject to the budgetary and accounting regulations of the UGA.

This structuring of the CSUG partners will evolve over time as the number of CSUG projects increases.

Published on  May 24, 2022
Updated on June 16, 2022