At CSUG, we believe that space data is a creator of value, that it is the strategic resource of tomorrow, and that it will be a key to improve the quality of life on Earth. We also believe that the challenges posed by providing access to space require us to grow, to invent new agile ways of learning and doing, and to develop new, more resilient technologies.
We are committed to :
  • respond to societal challenges through observation of the Earth and the Universe, collect and use data for the common good, advance, share and diffuse knowledge for better living together.
  • to prepare our students for the challenges of tomorrow through training that is as close as possible to the challenges of space.
  • develop and enhance an innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem, open to companies, researchers and students.
  • To be a forerunner in the creation of differentiating economic value through the spread of profitable and disruptive innovations.
  • To push back the limits of knowledge and technology, to put our skills at the service of the reliability of our achievements.

CSUG is based on a virtuous scheme where we associate Research, Training and Industry. Training, research and industry are the 3 pillars of CSUG and its activities. On the research side, the objective of CSUG is to valorize the expertise of laboratories and to produce nano-satellites for research. To do so, the CSUG trains students in space through concrete projects. Industrial partnerships allow easy access to space and innovation through the implementation of flexible methods.
Published on  December 1, 2017
Updated on October 18, 2022