internship and work-study

CSUG space projects are realized thanks to the participation of many students.

If you are interested, you can participate in a project supervised by a tutor, in one of the training components associated with CSUG.
You can also do an internship at CSUG, by consulting the list below:


Applied maths : Statistical review of rare space weather events

Period : september 2024 - december 2024
Level : Master 1 or 2, engineering school (e.g. Ensimag, applied maths)
Place : Grenoble, university campus
Context : This internship is part of the "Probability and severity of space weather impacts on ground infrastructures" project, which is the result of collaboration between the Grenoble University Space Centre (CSUG), the UGA foundation, AXA XL and AXA Research Fund, as well as G2ELAB. This project is part of the "Joint Research Initiatives" set up by AXA Research Fund, which aim to establish partnerships between AXA teams and university experts with a view to joining forces to answer a common research question.
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Published on  April 27, 2022
Updated on July 17, 2024