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CSUG space projects are realized thanks to the participation of many students.

If you are interested, you can participate in a project supervised by a tutor, in one of the training components associated with CSUG.
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Mechanical design and realization of the Breadboard and Satellite models

Profil type : DUT ou Master Génie Mécanique et Productique (GMP)
Période : octobre 2021 - juillet 2022
Lieu : CSUG, Grenoble
Description : The ATISE payload have a first breadboard model that is to be adapted to fit into a 6U configuration. Based upon updated optical parameters for the positioning of the different existing elements (mirrors, lenses, spectrometer, Electronical cards…), it will be required to design and realize a new breadboard model. In the other hand, the satellite version of the current CAD should be adapted to the requirements of CSUM.
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Published on  April 27, 2022
Updated on June 8, 2022