Whatever your training (science and technology, human and social sciences, law, communication, etc.), an internship, a work-study program or a project at CSUG is an opportunity to participate in the space adventure around a real nanosatellite project.
From the design and fabrication of a nanosatellite to the exploitation of the data collected and the promotion of its launch, conducting an experiment at CSUG leads to collaboration with industrials, researchers, and students from other fields of study on concrete problems. It also allows students to be confronted with the specificities of the space domain, within the framework of missions responding to scientific or societal challenges.

Come and take on new challenges and participate in the NewSpace adventure!

How to do an internship at CSUG ?

Student testimonials


Political Science
« My Master 1 internship at CSUG was a decisive experience in my academic and professional career. In addition to realize that a student in social sciences like me was able to find her place in the space sector and to be trained there, I was able to implement my academic knowledge within the great variety of tasks which were entrusted to me: business relations and communication in particular, the whole in a friendly but not less demanding and favourable framework to learning. The conduct of these missions at CSUG allowed me to get to know and meet the key actors of Grenoble, national and even international industrial ecosystem with whom I am working today, starting with my Master 2 internship at CNES.. »


Heat engineer
Témoignage corentin
« The most valuable thing that the CSUG gave me was first of all to make me understand that it was possible for any student to work in space sector, whereas before I had not even considered it! It just wasn't accessible in my head. Moreover, thanks to my participation as a heat engineer, I learned about the organization and work methods in space. I was also able to learn about the software used by large space companies. Finally, the experience at CSUG has (definitively) helped me a lot to get two 6 months internships in space: at CNES and at Airbus Defene and Space. I now know that I will work in space, a field I am passionate about, thanks to the opportunity offered by CSUG several years ago. »
Published on  April 27, 2022
Updated on June 8, 2022