On  March 24, 2017
On Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 March, the second edition of Maker Faire Grenoble was held by La Casemate. It is an event dedicated to science, digital technology and creative hobbies held at the Alpes Congrès Grenoble convention centre, and it offered an opportunity for the CSUG to meet members of the public.
More than 6,000 fans came to meet the ‘makers’: people who make, tinker, produce, recycle, refurbish, repair and invent!

Among the 90 stands present, the CSUG’s met with great success. The whole team took turns over the two days to greet interested visitors, future students of Space and professionals to develop future collaborative opportunities.

It was a chance for the CSUG to present models to the public, such as the ATISE instrument for space weather and observation of the Northern Lights and its precursor, AMICal Sat, as well as to unveil its orbit simulation videos. Lastly, a creative workshop on satellite design introduced younger visitors to the wonders of space.

The success of this meeting looks promising for a potential third edition!

Published on  December 13, 2017
Updated on  December 13, 2017