ThingSat-2 : a new collaboration between CSUG and SatRev

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On  October 17, 2023
SatRev and the Center Spatial Universitaire de Grenoble are pleased to announce their collaboration for a new mission. The mission will integrate ThingSat-2 (customer's payload) in the satellite platform provided by SatRev.
The goal of ThingSat-2 payload is to test LoRa-based communication schemes between the satellite and on-ground infrastructure in CSUG, with a focus on IOT applications. This new mission will include several technological innovations. from both the satellite platform and the payload to make this mission a success.

During the previous mission, the nanosatellite STORK-1 experienced unexpected challenges resulting in the loss of contact between the satellite and the ground station. A solar flare that peaked around December 15th, 2022, may have been the cause of the communication loss. SatRev operations team regrettably opted to discontinue the mission since the contact absence lasted more than two months. Despite these challenges, we are determined to push forward with our new mission. In fact, SatRev has even agreed to take on part of the mission costs in the form of a sponsorship for CSUG.

This new mission presents an exciting opportunity for SatRev and CSUG to advance new technologies and innovations. The LoRa-based communication scheme being tested by the ThingSat-2 payload has the potential to revolutionize IOT applications and create new possibilities for data collection and analysis.

We are excited about the potential that this new mission holds for SatRev and CSUG, and we are committed to seeing it through to completion. Furthermore, we are actively seeking collaborations in the scope of Horizon 2030 funding programme to further advance our technological expertise and knowledge. As we look to the future, we are eager to explore further opportunities for partnership and collaboration with CSUG in the fields of New Space, IOT, and other cutting-edge technologies.

Together, we believe that we can continue to push the boundaries of what is possible and drive progress in these important areas.
Published on  October 17, 2023
Updated on  October 17, 2023